Army Fancy Dress Costumes For Women

Army Fancy Dress Costumes For Women

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Three Ideas for Army Girl Fancy Dress Costumes
By Rachael S Thompson

You can really have fun at any fancy dress party with an army costume. Whether you’re going for the sexy army girl fancy dress look or something more officer-like, the fun of playing the tough girl in the army, combined with a super-sexy look is irresistibly attractive. So dress up with caution!

Here are a few ideas about how you could bring this costume together:

1. Camouflaged Soldier Girl

While the colour-scheme is limited with army girl costumes, you can always play around with the classic camouflage look. A real army girl of action, with perhaps a camouflage-style dress with short skirt, and tall, camouflage boots, a cap and arm bands.

Of course if you want to go even further you can wear camouflage paint on your face, arms and even legs, to really create a wild and dangerous looking image. And have a lot of fun with it!

2. Sexy Private Costume

You can dress up as a sexy private army girl, with faded army-green buttoned tunic and short skirt. A name badge, 60s style green army cap and of course stockings to top it off. Like with any army girl costume the best is if you have some sort of weapon, a plastic gun to hang around your shoulders, and better yet a belt of bullets to sling around you.

3. Officer Lady costume

For the ultimate combination of sexy fun army girl and the authority of an officer, you can really have a lot of fun dressed as a female army officer. Perhaps not so risqu? as the private or camouflaged action look, but equally engaging and noticeable. A gun holster wouldn’t go amiss either.

It’s tricky but possible to make your own army fancy dress, perhaps by cutting up some old clothes or paying a visit to your local army navy store. But because of the particular and none-too-common colours of camouflage and faded army green, it’s a hard one to put together yourself, especially the officer’s uniform.

You might be better off visiting your local costume store, which will no doubt be well-kitted out with these costumes.

The appeal of army costumes is both the adventure of becoming a fighting-type. Everyone secretly wants to be a soldier, just for the day, for the fun of it. And something about seeing people dressed up army style is very appealing – you can have great fun joining the army for a day. Try and get some of your friends to join you!

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