Army Dress Up Outfits Are Fun

Army Dress Up Outfits Are Fun

Army dress up outfits are fun. Here’s a great article about why Army dress up outfitsare so cool!

Salute M-A-S-H With Army Costumes
By Todd Denning

In 1983, the critically acclaimed sitcom M*A*S*H aired its final episode after 11 seasons and was watched by 77 percent of the television viewing audience. This was the largest number ever to tune into a single TV show up until that time, just proving how popular the heavy-issue sitcom was with fans everywhere. You can give a nod of approval to M*A*S*H by dressing up in a costume reminiscent of one of the many memorable characters in the cast.

You probably remember some of the leading members of the cast, each had their own unique identity, even if they are all wearing similar army fatigues of some form or fashion. Hawkeye and Trapper John were two of the doctors patching up army men at the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. In addition to taking care of wounded soldiers, the duo was also renowned for their womanizing, after-hour boozing and general disdain for authority. A Hawkeye costume or Trapper John costume can be created with some basic army fatigues paired with a surgical gown and hat. Of course, you’ll want to carry a martini glass for the total effect. Senior nurse on the scene was Hot Lips Houlihan, who didn’t like to put up with any nonsense or shenanigans. Her army costume can be replicated with either green army pants and a green t-shirt along with dog tags or a nurse costume paired with with a blonde wig.

Another memorable characters from M*A*S*H was Radar, the young, right-hand man to the commander Lt. Col. Henry Blake. Really, Radar was so young that the show’s characters treated him as sort of the unit mascot. His simple army costume can be embellished with dog tags, wire-framed glasses and the signature teddy bear that he was known to bunk with him in the tent.

Finally, the most colorful and out-there character of the M*A*S*H cast has got to be Klinger, the outrageous orderly and clerk who tries to get discharged through his crazy antics – particularly dressing up in women’s clothes. As far as cross-dressing goes, Klinger has worn nearly every type of women’s clothing including red lingerie, a wedding dress, a southern belle costume, a Cleopatra costume and assorted women’s dresses of every ilk! If you are dressing up as Klinger, look from a dark men’s wig and play up your stubble, this guy was anything but subtle with his gender games! Whatever M*A*S*H costume you choose, you are sure to command attention at every turn.

Todd Denning

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Army Dress Up Outfits Are Fun

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